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Growing with LED grow lights for the first time? Here is a quick guide to help you to get a clear understanding of the mistakes to avoid when cultivating and flowering plants under LED grow light.
There are many reasons growers do not achieve high yield using LED grow lights in both recreationel and medical cannabis productions, we hope this articles shines a light on the most important factors to have in mind when growing with this awesome new technology!

Reduced heat and fire risk is a highly valued factor in the decision process of which grow light to choose these days, you will have a major advantagde in keeping your grow room at a temperature where you don´t stress your plant with intense heat, this way you have easier maintaining a stable humidity and temperature so your plant don´t need to work hard on evaporating apour through the leafes. If your plants start drying up and becomming burned you will need to slow down with your power consumption or increase the distance to your canopy.

Putting insufficient light in your grow room will greatly reduce your yield. Many first time growers burn themselves and the first grow by investing in a cheap light which end up giving them a very low yield on the first grow. It is important to maximise the output of your room as much as possible and therefore it is a waste of money if you start off with the wrong LED grow light.
If your leaves suddenly start stretching out in the air and rising, it can be an early indication of lightstress which means you will have to raise or dim your grow light to make the plant most efficient in consuming the energy of the light. The higher PPFD umol your plants recieve the more co2 and fertiliser you will have to use to maintain the ability to consume as much light as possible, it is very important to maintain the right VPD but will result in 80% higher nutrient uptake and a growth as up to twice as fast.

By choosing a white/blue light spectrum in the early growth stage creates strong plants with short internodes between the stems. Red light and far red in particular in the growing stage will result in high stretching and is therefore not advised for motherplants and seedlings, however for the cloning stage the roots will develope faster and stronger if you add the red spectrum in a white light. In the flowering stage far red will become very important in converting the light into big potent flowers however every LED grow light is different and therefore you need to grow your plants different regarding which LED grow light you invest in.

You need to remember the right time schedule for your plant scycle is 18/24 hours of light in the vegetative stage and 12 hours of light in the flowering stage. What happens when you start giving feminised plants 12 hours of light you will simulate the fall and then your plant will know it is time to start producing flowers instead of growing in size, this will give you the best resultsa for a feminised plant while you can give an autoflower up to 17,5 hours of light in he flowering stage.

Remember when you are switching to LED grow light your light will emit less infrared light and also less heat, this is very important fact to consider when watering your plants because your plants will use less water to protect itself against the heat you just removed after switching to LED grow lights.

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