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Calculations of efficiency between Magnus LED grow lights and HPS grow lights.

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We made calculations in Denmark with our retailer: Gro-Lys. Here we wanted to show the difference between using a LED grow light and a HPS grow light for 50.000 hours, 12 hours every day. This is in total 11.4 years of usage. Keep in mind this is the Danish prices and Danish market so electricity cost and product costs can be different in your country.
The cost of using HPS grow light was calculated this way:
HPS grow light kit price: 153.3 Euro
Changing of bulbs 11 times price: 456 Euro
Changing of ballast 5 times price: 440 Euro
Wattage use price: 8623 Euro
Total cost: 9672.3 Euro



The cost of using Magnus ML-270 LED grow light:
Magnus ML-270 price: 1215 Euro
No change of bulbs or ballast
Wattage use price: 3880.5 Euro
Total cost: 5095,5 Euro

Total amount of savings in 11,4 years of using Magnus LED grow light:
4576,8 Euro

Do you still think LED grow lights are expensive using Magnus LED grow lights 3,7 umol/J?

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