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Grow Light: HPS Grow light VS LED Grow light

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Different types of grow ligts mainly used by growers today are flourescent lights, HID grow light bulbs (High intensity discharge) and LED grow light. It is only in recent years LED grow lights has gotten more traction in the marketplace, while older equipment HPS and MH grow light bulbs are becomming less popular among the consumers because of high electricity bills, too hot temperature in grow room, the constant change of bulbs and high risk of fire to name a few.

The best investment you can ever make is to start off with the right equipment after you have sprouted your first seed and it can be a jungle to navouvre around if you are not experienced. We highly recommend you to do a proper research before investing in a grow light to maximise effeciency of your room the best possible way. The three main types of grow light are:
Flourescent grow light is usually a good light option for growing plants in the vegetative stage but produce porly outcomes if you use them in the flowering stage. This is why many growers use them for motherplants, cutlings, vegetative plants and from seed, all of these stages require little light in the right enviremont to grow strong and stable plants. If you use flourescent grow lights in the flowering stage you can expect to produce an outcome of 0.25 gram of flower weight per Watt.

HID grow light is usually High pressure sodium grow lights (HPS) or Metal hailide grow lights (MH) and have been traditional used to light up large outdoor space. Since the 1980´es this type of grow light has been popular among breeders and cultivators of plants in indor climates. A major risk of growing plants with these lights are the firehazzard that comes with the high intensity heat produced by this type of grow light and therefore many breeders are now looking for options to reduce this risk of fire.

LED grow lights have generally been outcompeted by HID grow lights up until recent years where growers of LED grow lights have gained access to more effective LED grow light chips resulting in higher yield per watt than HPS and MH grow light. LED grow light typically last 50.000 hours before you start experiencing less yield and depleted energy effeciency and therefore you save alot of money from buying bulbs every year which is another big saving for your wallet and for the enviroment. Comparing LED grow lights with HPS grow lights: The spectrum you will find the efficiency is lost with HPS grow lights because of the high amount of yellow in the light. we have done alot of research about this subject and we now know that the plant can´t intake much yellow and green light which is mostly a waste of power unlike blue and red which activated the growth in the plant much more rapidly.

With a LED grow light of 150W for example, you gain the same plant light intake as with a regular 400W HPS grow light. Another factor in switching to LED grow lights is the fact that the temperature in your grow room will be much easier to control and maintain with less heat which also saves your need for ventilation.

If you compare a regular HPS grow light to one of our LED grow lights you will only have to wait 1 year for your investment to come back in electricity alone and the light will basacilly be free from there. If you want to learn more about LED  groow light technology and how to maximise your yield, read our blog and participate in becomming a certified Magnus Grower to experience the full spectrum of the growing process and learn how to produce the best quality under LED grow lights. LED grow lighting is the future.

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