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Interview about difference between growing outdoor and with LED

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We interviewed Anders from Grow Solutions Denmark, Grow Solutions Denmark about the main differences of growing in the sun versus growing under LED growlights. Together we work on helping LED grow lights become more mainstream, as the efficiency finally have overrun traditional grow lighting for indoor climates without the sun involved.



“What are the main differences between growing with LED grow light compared to growing outside?”.

The main difference is, that when you are growing with LED grow light. It means that when growing with a light, which is specifically designed with a right spectrum that plant needs for photosynthesis. And there is a difference between some LED grow lights, because some are made to give a plant what it needs, and other types are created to assemble the sun´s spectrum. And those sun spectrum lights have a lot of nanometers – light waves – that are not used by the plant. That’s the main difference between growing outside and growing inside, because the plant will absorb much more of the light when its specifically designed to meet its needs.



“So, it means, that the results are usually better with the LED grow lights?”.

Usually yes, the light of the sun´s intensity is much higher, but you can give the plant the right spectrum, which means it will use more of its intensity than intensity of the sun.



“How would you suggest choosing the best LED grow lights? What factors are important?”.

Its important to focus on which plant you are growing, and to meet its specific needs. For example salat, has different needs than cannabis. So that’s why its important to make sure that the light you are using, is specifically designed for the plant you are growing.



“You, as a grower, what are you experiences with Magnus lights?”.

The first experience I had with Magnus lights, was that they are probably the only brand that has been searching and developing for the specific cannabis plant, but I realized fast that specific spectrum of the Magnus lights will create an even grow and a very good flower, because of the far red in the light.



“So why exactly would you recommend using Magnus lights LED grow light? What are the main pros and cons?”.

Because Magnus LED grow light is the most efficient light in the industry right now, it creates an output of 3,6 micromoles per WATT. This number is higher than all the other LED grow light producers in the market today. Because of the specific experience that Magnus LED grow light has with cannabis plants. They know how to make the plant much more potent and high in yield when using Magnus LED grow light.



“Does different colour of light affect growing somehow?”.

The plant usually absorbs blue and red light to create photosynthesis. The blue light will give short internodes between the stems. Red light will create larger internodes between stems. If you are growing with yellow light, the plant won´t absorb much of the light yellow, because it doesn´t use a lot of it to create photosynthesis. The green spectrum grow light will reflect back from the plant. Because the leaves are green, the light will reflect all the way down to the stems, so it will get all the light intensity that it needs. Just remember it doesn´t use much green to create photosynthesis.



“In what distance from the LED grow light should the plant be?”.

It depends on the intensity of the light. Usually we recommend that you leave it so the plant will intake 550 micromoles of PPFD. When the panel is too close to the plant, the plant cant intake all the light. This can burn the plant and destroy the harvest. Usually we recommend that you have at least 60 cm in between.

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