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Introduction to growing Cannabis – Beginner

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Are you ready to start growing cannabis with indoor LED grow lighting?

Cannabis plants are not like your average house plants.

They will live their entire life (from seed to harvest) in under one year; They need to get a lot of light to create enough energy for the big growth and production of cannabis flowers. Cannabis plants need much more light than normal house plants if you want them to grow big yield. They don’t want to grow in the window. By the “greater light” I mean the light that reaches to your plant. Certainly, increasing brightness will not increase yield if your cannabis plant is sick or unhealthy, and even with a healthy plant you will only get to a certain limit (at some point of grow light intensity, your cannabis plants simply won’t be able to use more light).

Adding more light intensity with better growing lights (especially when used with cannabis training techniques, fertilizer and the right climate), this can be one of the most straightforward ways to increase indoor crop yields.

In general, you will need a special type of grow light (cannabis grow lights) for growing cannabis, although some ordinary house lighting can also work if you know which ones, however you wont have great results when compaired to the right LED grow light.

Please note: Ordinary bulbs are NOT suitable for cannabis growing!

Of course, if you plan to grow cannabis outside, the sun will generally be the only grow light you need to grow your plants. If you grow outdoors, your plants needs to grow in a sunny location with an excess of direct sunlight throughout the day. For best results, plants should receive strong sunlight 8+ hours each day.

For indoor and outdoor growers, it is important to learn about the essential influence of light on a photoperiodic plant such as cannabis.

Cannabis is a “short-day plant,” which means that cannabis plants do not begin to form buds until their “days” are shortened which means it will start producing flower around september when the light of the days fall short to 12 hours of light. Plants such as cannabis can sense a change in the darkness period and use the darkness every night as an internal clock (12-24) indicating the plant to start blooming. In nature, cannabis plants begin to bloom, so buds are formed and seeds are scattered before winter comes and kills the plant.

The darkness is important for the formation of flowers. Cannabis is a “photoperiod” plant, which means that the amount of undisturbed darkness is what determines when a plant begins to bloom. Most cannabis plants will not start blooming until they receive long (12+ hour) nights. To make cannabis bloom properly, cannabis plants need to receive 12+ hours of total darkness every day until harvest.

Note: The rules on darkness do not apply to autoflowering. Autoflowering (or Ruderalis) plants are a special type of cannabis that is grown only from seeds. Flowering varieties themselves ignore the photoperiod of light. In fact, Autoflowering plants will be ready for harvesting in about 3 months (plus minus about a month depending on the variety) absolutely regardless of the length of the dark period at night. Because of this short life, autoflowering varieties usually remain very small.

It is very unlikely that you will get to the autoflowering seeds if you do not order them directly from a seed bank. If you have unknown seeds, assume that these seeds will be photoperiodic.

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