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LED: The future

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It is just a matter of time before LED will replace the within the grow light industry in both the homegrower market as well as with the horticolture scene. In the past years it was not possible to reach the efficiency of HPS and MH using LED grow light however the recent years of research into which light spectrum is optimal for plants have dicsovered that you can make much more efficient grow light using  the most efficient LED chips avaivable in the marketplace.
After several years of research we came to the conclusion that reaching a high output of PAR and PPFD is not enough: It is important that these values align with the right colour spectrum, otherwise you will reach a high umol output without maximising your plants light intake which in the end means you are wasting unnecessary energy instead of maximising the efficiency of your grow room. Blog post Are LED grow lights the future of cultivating plants
We are now experiencing a transition from the outdated HID lighting into more enviromentally and safe grow light: LED grow light and we are here to help the world on that journey! If you are interested in learning more you can read these articles where you can read other industrial growers opinions about the LED technology and in which way they think we are heading with the industry in the future.
Mike Zelkind is part of a radical shift in the agriculture business: He is switching to LED.
How do you think they illuminate plants in space? That is right: LED!
How are LED grow lights part of the future in indoor farming?
The world is getting more populated by the hour and by 2050 we will be almost 10 billion human beings on this planet, this means that we have to double our production capability which could result in doubling our energy consumption if we do not find energy efficient solutions on these challenges without affecting the climate substaintially. Two ways we can solve this challenge: Make energy more clean or make energy consumption cleaner and more efficient. We are well on our way to achieve great energy solutions to the second challenge and have already achieved great results from our research running on the 6th year to maximise the output of our LED grow light.
Our main goal is to become the most effeicient LED grow light on this market and we have achieved that! Our watercooled high efficient LED grow lights produce up to 4.0 umol per watt which is proven to be the most efficient grow light avaivable on market for large scale productions in the horticolture scene. We highly recommend you take part of becomming a certified Magnus grower through our training program, this way you will be equipped with the right knowlegde to produce the best outcome while you are maximising the efficiency of your room the best possible way.

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