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Life under a Magnus LED

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Clone phase:
Clones are sterile taken from most potent motherplants and they are put in clean plugs in trays of 84 plugs. Each tray will be labeled to know from which mother plants these clones were taken. All plugs are pre-soaked in ph-regulated water with a low based nutrient. After this they will be placed in special build clone trolley’s with led light. The trolleys are placed in a special clone room with high humidity and misting systems to give them time for rooting.This process will take about ten days. The clones are exposed to 20 hrs of light and watered as needed. All the water is filtrated to ensure impurities: heavy metals, pesticides and other toxic material does not enter your room.
Transplantation and vegetation phase:
When the clones have developed an expected root they are moved into their future medium and will be labeled as a separate plant. The transplanted plants are still exposed to 20 hours of light for 1 week depending on each strain. They are watered and fertilized as needed.

Flowering phase:
After the approx. 1 or 2 weeks in the vegetation phase, the plants are moved into another light regime. From now on they are exposed to 12 hours of light for approx. 9 weeks depending on the strain chosen. The plants are watered and fertilized as needed while all is monitored by nutrient computers or by logbook and hand measurement by you as a grower.

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