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The Magnus product line is the result of 14 years of product development in professional horticulture. As a consequence, Magnus offers a complete range of products intended for usage in commercial growing conditions.

ML COB-LED series
The COB-LED grow lights series consists of five models, each of which are executed in two spectrum variants (PRO and standard WHITE). These grow lights are equipped with a Far Red dimmer (or switch) to be able to influence the proportion of Far Red-light in the light spectrum.

The quantity of Far Red received by the plant determines the transition moment from growing phase to flowering phase, the duration of the flowering phase and the compactness and amount of buds and flowers. The COB-LEDs used are fitted with the meanwhile renowned 120° parabolic lens, which ensures a highly uniform light spreading, as well as deep light penetration into the foliage. Two of the models from this series, the ML-270 and the ML-365, are also available in a water-cooled version and thus intended for usage in a closed water-cooled system.

Chillers, the K and C series
In addition to the COB-LED grow lights, Magnus produces a number of innovative cooling systems (chillers) that are used in combination with the water-cooled versions of the ML-270 and ML-365. Thanks to their excellent cooling capacity, these closed water systems realise an energy consumption that is 60% lower than HPS-lighting with the same light yield. Moreover, these cooling systems also lengthen the life span of the COB-LEDs by 50.000 hours. A Magnus cooling system is a closed circuit, as a result of which the water (mixed with 10% glycol) can be reused for a very long time without unwanted quantities of bacteria emerging in the system. All cooling systems are equipped with a real-time alarm that sends an alert in case of reducing cooling capacity

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